Information Technology & Telecommunications Law

My Approach to Practicing

Computer Technology

I draft and negotiate agreements, provide transactional legal advice, and perform other legal services for purchasers and licensees, software developers and distributors, implementers, and licensors of computer technology. I advise software companies in connection with the distribution and licensing of their products, and help both large and small government agencies and private entities in acquiring, developing, and licensing and implementing computer systems and software such as enterprise resource planning systems. I also represent diverse clients in analyzing and resolving troubled computer system disputes, and helping software companies in establishing joint ventures to develop and market new technologies.

Outsourcing and Offshoring

With the increasing globalization of the information technology industry, I have helped purchasers, subcontractors and prime contractors with agreements to form new relationships involving offshore companies and in resolving disputes arising out of those agreements.

General Commercial Transactions for Technology Companies

I provide general business representation to high technology, e-commerce and other companies. I advise clients on organizing new companies and counseling them on issues that arise in day-to-day operations. I also represent companies in financing transactions, and purchasing and selling real estate, software and other technological assets, as well as mergers and acquisitions, and other commercial transactions.

E-Commerce and Privacy

I represent numerous clients doing business on the Internet with both transactional and intellectual property matters, including: web site development; business formation; data, content, and software licensing; privacy and content regulation; financing; employment issues such as immigration, trade secret and ownership of work product; data protection; and electronic publishing and entertainment.

Online Services

I represent both vendors and users of application service provider and hosting services, having drafted and negotiated ASP and hosting contracts for Internet-based businesses and public sector services, such as online applications for welfare eligibility determinations.

Emerging Technologies

I represent clients in issues related to new and emerging technologies. I advised the original developers of the Internet regarding legal issues relating to the creation and implementation of the "National Information Infrastructure" and helped to create technical standards for Digital Audio Broadcasting and Radio Broadcast Data Service.

Technology Relationships

The firm assists clients in structuring and negotiating technology relationships, including product development agreements, joint venture and joint development arrangements, and reseller, cross-licensing and distribution agreements, among others.

Examples of Large-Scale Projects